Yintention ™ – The Intention in the Yin

The time period between Samhain and Winter solstice is a dark time of year, where our days grow successively shorter, nightfall comes earlier and the cold and snow (usually although not always) settle in.  Steeping in this darkness feels, at times, uncomfortable for many of us, myself included.  Although I must say I much prefer summer with its sunshine and heat, there are many redeeming features to be found in this, our colder darker time of year. A Time of Yin Moving past the more superficial (but delicious) delights of hot cocoa and warm soups, there is beauty and nourishment to be found in the dark hush.  This is a time of yin. In Traditional Chinese Medicine yin and yang … Read More

Mental, Physical and Emotional Wellbeing: Why Mental Health Cannot Be Treated Or Diagnosed In Isolation

Mental Health Cannot be treated in isolation

  My early relationship with mental health is one of judgement and misunderstanding. I say this in the hope that we can all admit to our collective misunderstanding of mental health. For those that carry the weight of a mental health diagnosis or are challenged by different brain disorders, the common misunderstandings and judgements cannot be resolved quickly enough. 14 months ago I came to understand the severity of mental health in a way I never thought possible. My 4 kids and I lost my incredible husband to his battle with a brain disease called depression. People that know me professionally know how incredibly passionate I am about health and wellbeing. As a chiropractor, kinesiologist and at the time of … Read More

Loaded Labour – How Stress Can Derail Your Birthing Experience

Stress and Birth Stress is a ubiquitous part of our lives, especially when we are looking at something that we perceive to be an unknown, or something that is scary; for many women, childbirth represents both something scary and unknown. It is no wonder that thoughts of childbirth can represent a major source of stress for a pregnant mama. This stress and fear can hold her back from having her ideal birth, or from even thinking about, much less disclosing to herself or someone else, what her ideal birth actually is! The Mind-Body Connection Our bodies are exquisitely and intricately connected – you cannot think a thought without it having an impact on your body, as thoughts create emotions, and … Read More

An Integrative Approach for Empowered Birth

Integrative Prenatal Course at Two Rivers Health

To all the beautiful pregnant mamas out there wondering and worrying about child birth: Join Dr. Antoinette Falco (ND, Doula), Dr. Alyssa Shepherd (DC, Doula) and Doula Christa VanderVelde for a four week long seminar series to help prep you in mind-body & soul to birth your little bundle of bliss with information and empowerment.   Over the span of these four classes, our empowered birth experts Dr. Antoinette, Dr. Alyssa and Doula Christa will teach you about: Pain What is it? What is its purpose? How can you decrease pain? How can you use pain to your advantage? Mindset How your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and expectations influence your birth experience, and how to leverage these things to your advantage … Read More

Scoliosis – the “Zig” in Your Child’s Spine

Many of my adult patients tell me in the first visit that they have a ‘curve in their spine’, or if they are lingo-savvy, a ‘scoliosis’. Often this is something they’ve been told briefly and don’t fully understand. At this point, the dialogue typically ensues that usually a scoliotic curve in an adult is nothing to worry about and doesn’t need to be monitored. However this is not the case with children and teenagers. A scoliotic curve in a child or teenager can change, sometimes extremely rapidly, over the course of months to years, potentially impacting performance, function, pain levels and health. Spinal scoliosis in children and teenagers do need to be monitored, and your chiropractor is the perfect person … Read More

What Is Chiropractic Wellness Care?

Chiropractor Guelph

Dr. Alyssa Shepherd DC Sick care vs. Health care When patients come to see me, I always explain the two phases of care: symptom care (a.k.a. chiropractic acute care) or supportive and preventive care (i.e. “chiropractic wellness care”). Most people start in acute care – they have a symptom that they want to be resolved, such as headaches. This model is akin to sick care, in that you have a physical issue that you need addressed and resolved. It’s analogous to seeing your MD when you get an infection. Once the symptom is resolved, people can choose to move into a supportive and preventative care phase in order to optimize their function and prevent symptoms of pain and dysfunction from … Read More

New Treatment Options? What to Do About F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real!)

Dr. Alyssa Shepherd DC, Guelph Chiropractor Fear – we all have at least one, more often, many – spiders, snakes, heights, chiropractors… Wait – WHAT?! Yes, you read that right, for many people, chiropractic and chiropractic adjustments are a scary thing to think about. I’ve found this to be particularly true if you fall into the category of having had a negative experience with a chiropractor or adjustment, you’ve never seen a chiropractor and don’t know how this system of care helps your body to heal, or no one has ever taken the time to share with you how chiropractors can help get you, or your baby or child, back to being healthy and truly thriving. The interesting thing about … Read More