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Welcome to Two Rivers Health! If you’re self-motivated, open-minded, collaborative and looking for a prestigious, positive environment to grow and build your practice, we could be a great fit! A Little About Us We are a new, integrative family clinic situated in the beautifully restored Forsyth-Hepburn building, just steps from Guelph General Hospital, the St. James’ Park neighborhood, and downtown Guelph. Imagine arriving to your new practice in an inspiring, energizing environment where you and your clients feel right at home. Spacious treatment rooms, professional interior design, high ceilings, plenty of natural light, original hardwood and new laminate floors plus complete wheelchair accessibility make the space highly sought-after for professional health and wellness practitioners. The clinic’s founder & director, Dr. Elizabeth Cherevaty holds … Read More

Open House Highlights

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THANK YOU for joining us at our very first clinic Open House! We welcomed over 150 guests from our community and we couldn’t have been happier for the opportunity to celebrate health, love & life with you! MANY SPECIAL THANKS I want to extend special thanks to Mayor Cam Guthrie for helping us officially open the clinic…. …To our Open House Coordinator, Health Passport Creator & Doula Extraordinaire, Christa Vandervelde for your leadership in bringing this successful event together…. …To our extraordinary team of clinicians for your creativity, generosity and life-changing dedication to helping our community heal and be truly and authentically well…To our supportive and collaborative friends and fellow local Guelph businesses: the Stone Store, Truth Beauty Company, Andrea … Read More

Detox Your Medicine Cabinet! Top 10 Natural Home Remedies for Women

Guide to top 10 remedies women's health expert

Above all, I went into naturopathic medicine as a way to help people to help themselves. I believe that health care should involve as much teaching self-awareness and empowering self-care as it does treating and alleviating symptoms. As my work with women and families continues to grow and evolve, my philosophy has only deepened as I experience awe, respect and joy on a daily basis as I watch our community begin to shift, heal and thrive. Health Begins At Home Day to day lifestyle habits. Micro choices. Easily integratable changes over time. That’s how we powerfully transform our experience of life for ourselves and those we love. Sometimes you need guidance to get you past where you’re “stuck”. For minor … Read More

“What Is Osteopathy?”


Osteopathy is a holistic complementary health care that works with your body in order to re-establish balance. Classical osteopathy places emphasis on the principle that the body is a fully integrated unit of function that is self healing & self regulating. The way that an Osteopath works is through their understanding of the relationship that exists between the body’s structure and function, & how they influence one another. For example, a poor posture where the individual is in a prolonged slouched position will increase the pressure in the abdomen through the direct mechanical force applied by the ribs. Some symptoms that an individual may experience from this include poor digestion, something that a large percentage of the population suffers from. … Read More

Why I Love Being a Registered Massage Therapist

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By Kathleen O’Brien, RMT @TwoRiversHealth There are a million reasons why one chooses a career path; I had only one, to help people live a more fulfilled, active life through therapeutic touch. Having dealt with numerous sport related injuries myself, and seeing how I was impacted by these experiences, I was inspired to pursue massage therapy not only as a career, but to make it part of a lifestyle to enhance the overall wellness of the lives others and my own. I have been practicing for over fifteen years and my fascination with body continues to inspire me. I have focused on continuing my education in areas such as: craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, pregnancy massage, and sports injury treatment. Whether … Read More

5 Ways to Prepare for Your Best Birth

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By Christa VanderVelde, Doula   The average couple does more research and preparation before purchasing a new vehicle than they do before giving birth. This is understandable. With all the information available to parents, preparing for birth can be more overwhelming than magical. As a Doula, I am passionate about helping parents sort through the information available to them and decide what is most important for birth preparation. So this month I sat down and compiled my favourite ways to prepare for your best birth. 1 – Address Your Assumptions More important than choosing a care provider or understanding your options, (we will get there), is addressing your assumptions. Ask yourself, “What do I believe about my body?” A negative self imagine … Read More

“What’s That Rash?” Clearing Up Common Skin Questions in Kids

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As naturopathic doctors working with kids, we get a lot of questions from parents about a new or ongoing rash they’ve seen cropping up on their baby or child’s skin. Rashes or other skin issue are a good reason to check in: the skin is the largest organ of the body, tends to be extra sensitive in little ones, and conveys a lot of information about his or her overall health status. Below The Surface You might be surprised to learn that most skin conditions aren’t “just” skin conditions. The skin happens to be one way that symptoms express themselves that we can easily see and observe. It’s also why we include a skin health exam with your baby or … Read More