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As a health professional, business owner, & sensitive woman wearing many hats (a.k.a. “crowns” as Cara Alwill Leyba suggests in one of my new fave books, Girl Code), it took some hustling hard times including crushing fatigue and flatlined mood before I realized I had not only permission, but a responsibility, to proactively Restore before doing more.

For years, I’d worked my January to the max. New plans, new programs, new routines and plenty of hustle and muscle to make sure I met those resolutions. Plus plenty of anxiety and icky self-blame if I didn’t.

Since experiencing burnout not one, but two Januarys in a row, and finally getting a handle on what led up to that frightening and depressing experience of losing my trusted motivation, my energy and even losing touch with my core personality and meeting up with an anxious, depressed, irritable and exhausted version of myself (this was so haaarrrd…..) while feeling hypocritical at times because I was “supposed” to know how to be totally well….

This year, I wanted to prevent burnout, and I’d love to help you do the same, because the last thing we need is for burnout to take you out. We need you and your gifts, your presence.

If one or two women are willing to be authentic in their journey and share that, sure, they’re smart, kind and successful they have their down times too, it helps everyone as a community to feel like they too can overcome their obstacles and they are not alone in their anxiety, self-doubt, fatigue, fear and exhaustion.

So here’s a giant & sincere dose of permission if you need some. It’s OK to be a go-getter AND take rest. It’s OK to have desires and goals AND receive some inward time to let those develop. And it’s OK to NOT be “producing” something at every moment.

There, I said it!!


Because you are infinitely valuable right here, right now, without doing or producing or planning ANYTHING.
Because are infinitely valuable right here, right now, without doing or producing or planning ANYTHING.
You, just you.

And by design, we have a biological and spiritual need to rest.

It feels vulnerable to choose Restoration before Action. So let’s share with each other how we’re going about this.
How will you experiment with Restoration this month?

Dr. Elizabeth Cherevaty, Women's Health, Fertility & Children's Health Naturopath Guelph

Dr. Elizabeth Cherevaty is an integrative fertility, women’s & children’s health expert with a special focus in empowered self-healing, helping women create the thriving families and lives they deeply desire. She’s passionate about helping women conceive and birth the brightest, biggest and most brilliant versions of themselves so they can experience the abundant lives they’re here to live & create a better world for future generations. She can be reached through her web site,

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