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Imagine beginning your health care experience with a fresh start. Your Naturopathic Doctor takes the time to listen carefully, understand your values, and offers you as much time as you need to ask questions and feel confident and inspired in your personalized care plan. Imagine what it would be like to have an empowering guide along your journey, someone who can integrate the scientific and the soulful aspects of your life experience and help you apply these to your wellness goals. You can finally relax into the calm atmosphere we create together, whether on a virtual call or an in-home visit. Your practitioner respects and relates to where you’re coming from, and how you want to feel as you vision toward your optimal wellbeing and life vision. As a highly sensitive mother herself, having benefited from a variety of naturopathic principles and mindset work during her own life challenges, Dr. Liz is especially passionate to support women and families in their resilience, confidence and freedom. She has focused her practice in supporting women and families during fertility & preconception, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, pediatrics (raising vibrantly healthy kids!) and optimizing women’s health so we can raise up the happiest, healthiest, freest next generation.

As the founder of Two Rivers Health, I believe in providing not only high quality health care, but ensuring you feel empowered at each and every visit with tools and wisdom to help you move from illness to wellness, fatigue to fabulous, stressed to inspired throughout your life. I have worked with my ND for over 30 years, and I have lived the benefits of this approach to health. I want to share value with you that extends well beyond your clinic visits.

I have a special place in my heart for the miracles of pregnancy, birth, and overcoming challenges to fertility to bring a healthy, happy next generation into the world. As a naturopathic doctor, my signature approach to integrative fertility provides couples with at least 80% greater chances of successful pregnancy. It has been one of the most inspiring experiences to help many individuals and couples overcome infertility and bring their healthy, happy baby home to their arms.

I know from personal and patients’ experiences that when we help a woman or a child to be well we enhance the wellbeing of the entire family. I believe that my mission includes a ripple effect to enhance the health of future generations. This legacy begins today, with you, starting right where you are in your journey. I’m here tp you take care of your self & your kids (starting from day one of life earthside, or even during pregnancy or preconception!) – so you can take charge of your personal and family’s health and wellbeing and thrive – for years to come. And I love that we get to connect over the entire circle of life arc: preconception, pregnancy, postpartum, children’s health, and living life as the resilient leader you are here to be.

Sound like a good fit?
My training and experience are uniquely suited to help people who want to understand and reverse the root causes of symptoms, alleviate suffering safely and gently, and promote long term health. I believe that you’re designed to be well, and that symptoms shine a light on where we need to support the body with resources, or remove obstacles in the way of your body’s natural ability to heal. We believe that we are designed to be well: to experience the full range of emotions, live with freedom, joy, energy and creativity. When you’re well, you can change the world.

No matter where you’ve been in your journey so far, I want to reassure you that you are no longer alone in wanting true healing. As long as we are living, healing is always happening. Let’s support you to your highest capacity.

Together, we’re going to look differently at your goals, listen to your symptoms as valuable information about how you can feel better, and break through the blocks between you and the ultimate well-being you need to live fully into your life and purpose in this world.

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Looking forward to connecting with you in the near future. Sincerely, Dr. Elizabeth Cherevaty ND


Our Story

Hello, beautiful! I’m Dr. Elizabeth Cherevaty, the founder and clinical director here at Two Rivers Health. As a naturopathic doctor and registered acupuncturist, I’m thrilled to welcome you to our beautiful integrative health practice where my colleagues and I are committed to offering extraordinary family healthcare to help you and the ones you love can live your most abundant, vibrant lives.

Because your health today affects your children, your future children, and their future children through epigenetics, our work together will give you more freedom and vibrancy and will enhance the wellbeing of generations to come.

Whether you live or work in Guelph, or will be travelling in from a distance for your initial consultation and following up through telemedicine, we’ve helped hundreds of women, couples and families achieve their health and wellness goals and would love to help you do the same.

My clinical focus includes fertility and preconception, pregnancy and paediatrics. I’ve developed the Well-Conceived Fertility Method to help women and couples build their most fertile foundations, break through obstacles to conception and pregnancy, and bring their best selves to their fertility journey. Our evidence-based approach to fertility offers a guided, empowering experience that improves not only your chances of conceiving, but makes a conscious investment in the health of your future child, through epigenetic. This means we’ll help you make choices today that program health and wellbeing into your pregnancy and baby even before he or she is conceived. (Amazing, right?)

By choosing to work with one of our Well-Conceived Certified Practitioners, you’re choosing to give yourself AND your future baby the gift of optimal health. As leaders in integrative fertility care, we apply the best of conventional medical diagnostics (yes, we’re research nerds with our eyes constantly on the current published medical studies), and we’ll enrich your overall health and experience through our traditional medicine training to show you how to restore, refresh and rejuvenate your preconception health for your best chances of conception and healthy pregnancy. We’ll help you understand the real root causes of conditions you may have been diagnosed with and help you reverse chronic symptoms to free up more energy and wellbeing for your pregnancy and future parenthood.

Naturopathic Medicine has been the life-changing solution through many difficult experiences in my own life. The care I received from my own Naturopathic Doctor from the time I was 6 years old has shaped my vision for how I want to help others to heal and live joyful, abundant lives. I still check in with my Naturopath as I continue to develop my capacities, face challenges and forge deeper connections in my own journey as a Naturopathic Doctor, Wellness Leader, Entrepreneur, Auntie, Wife and Woman. I know you wear many hats, too, and that you’re here because you know somewhere deep down that things can feel better, easier and more meaningful. And your authentic health and wellbeing are the ticket!

At Two Rivers Health, we’re dedicated to serving the people of Guelph and our global community in meaningful, life-changing ways. We’ve helped hundreds of families transform their lives through restoring true health. And we can’t wait to work with you, too. Together, we’ll identify the specific factors influencing your health and create a truly customized treatment plan to facilitate real, lasting results in your health, so you can go out and do what you want to do in your life!

Naturopathic medicine is my calling. I grew up receiving naturopathic care since I was a child. By the time I was 15, I realized I couldn’t imagine where I’d have found myself without the help fo my naturopath through some significant challenges I had already experienced. I decided then and there that I wanted to help others the way she’d helped me. (Thank goodness I still turn to her as my mentor of three decades!)

I am so honoured to be able to offer my clients the benefit of all I have learned through 30 years of mentorship in naturopathic medicine, nearly a decade of clinical practice, and my passion and dedication for helping you design and live the life you are truly here to live. It is miraculous and humbling to bear witness to the transformation in my clients’ lives through gentle medicine and compassionate care centred around empowering you to take tender loving care of YOU.

Naturopathic doctors are uniquely trained to teach you how to restore health into your life. Our focus is not on merely suppressing symptoms (the disease care model), but on restoring real, lasting wellness (the health care model!). We’re thrilled to help you reduce reliance on medications, recover more efficiently from illnesses and ramp up your resilience to the many day to day stressors of modern life.

Together with my team at Two Rivers Health, I can’t wait to help you and your family break through what ever is holding you back so you can live the healthy, empowered & abundant lives you’re created for.

Looking forward to seeing you in the near future!

Dr. Elizabeth Cherevaty ND, RAc

Founder & Clinical Director, Two Rivers Health
Creator of the Well-Conceived Fertility Method™,
The Fertility Empowerment Program™ & Fempower: The Heart & Science of Successful Feminine Leadership™ & the Stressed to Blessed Program™ for Female Leaders

Host of Natural Fertility BOOSTCamp

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Dr. Cherevaty - Our Story
Did you know? “The name ‘Two Rivers Health’ was inspired by the meeting of Guelph’s two major rivers: the Eramosa and the Speed. The energy created where the waters flow together draws people seeking healthy lifestyles, connection to nature and a high quality of life.”Dr. Elizabeth Cherevaty ND, RAc, Founder & Clinical Director, Two Rivers Health

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