Fall Into Health: A Healthy Kids Course for Mamas

When a child feels better, the whole family feels better!

Recently we had a cold go through our household, the third of the season so far, and it sunk in a little longer for me. I was so relieved to have just restocked our cold and flu care goodies (whew!) and took this as a reminder that other mamas are looking for this very kind of info right now for their kids.

**Illness is a normal part of life, and a necessary part of childhood. Our goal is to support the body’s natural ability to heal itself and reduce the frequency, severity, duration, and chances of long-term term sequelae of colds, flu and viral infections.**

Here are a few examples of the foods and herbs I was so happy to have at my fingertips just when I felt that tickle, that ache, that head heaviness that told me my body was getting set to respond to whatever virus our sweet son had just brought home.

• Honey – raw local honey is liquid gold for cold and cough season. A lovely sweetener for herbal teas, we also take sips of honey directly from a spoon to soothe sore throats and calm coughs. Research shows honey is more effective than cough suppressant medications for children (which aren’t safe for children under 6). Small amounts of honey, or warm water into which some honey is dissolved, can be offered to children over 12 months.

• Bone Broth – whenever we have a roast turkey or chicken, I save the bones and either simmer them into a broth right away, or freeze them for later broth-making. It’s the best thing to know you can thaw and heat some broth, add a little salt and sip a comforting cup that’s soothing, hydrating and supports the immune system. The marrow that seeps into the broth is a traditional food for healing, blood-building and recovery. Maybe simmer in a few noodles or leftover rice, small bits of veggies and it’s a lovely soup for a chilly fall day when you don’t have it in you to cook.

• Elderberry – this beautiful medicinal fruit is a purple powerhouse that’s become our family’s first draft pick for our team of remedies for ‘virus season’. It is known in European herbal medicine to reduce severity of colds, influenza, and sore throats. Elderberry syrup is perfect for prevention and care of colds and flus for families because it tastes SO GOOD and is usually welcomed by children (our son asks for it daily) or it can be mixed into smoothies or popsicles.

• Natrum muriaticum – this homeopathic remedy is made from a highly diluted and potentized or energetic form of sea salt. It corresponded to the ‘etiology’ (the real root cause, what really got this cold going for us) of the deep grief, heartbreak and sorrow I experienced as I witnessed the news of the devastating events in the Middle East. This was the emotional experience I was having that preceded this experience of achy congestion lodging deeper and hanging out longer than usual for me. During illness, the right homeopathic remedy really feels like healing in action. In this case, it helps the emotion and the physical congestion start to release, so it can leave the body.

I Just Love My Naturopathic Remedies! (And I Think You Will, Too!)

It’s so helpful to have an arsenal of safe, gentle remedies to care for yourself and your family when seasonal illness shows up. Having grown up receiving naturopathic care since childhood, and as a mama who feels at ease with an oncoming cold and comfortable with (even welcoming to) caring for a fever, I’m passionate to help moms feel equipped and empowered to care for their kids and support them through the natural process of their bodies responding to infections…as quickly as possible and with as little suffering as possible, with or without conventional drugstore medications such as Tylenol or Advil, antibiotic eye drops, and the like. (Remember when we couldn’t even get these in the pharmacy last year?)

Hence, my Naturopathic Homecare Course was born and I am delighted to offer it again this year.

Naturopathic Homecare for Cold and Flu

Over the generations, it’s been mothers who’ve been the caretakers of the family’s health. I want moms to feel empowered and equipped in this important role. This fall, I’m pleased to offer my Naturopathic Homecare course for parents who want to help their kids through colds, flu, fevers, tummy troubles, etc. safely and naturally using gentle remedies and practices they can use at home.

This program is a 3-part series offered in as 1 hour sessions, with 45-minute class followed by a 15-minute Q&A and discussion. Parents who attend will learn how to take care of their children safely and naturally with a focus on:

• Session 1) Fearless Fever – Purpose of a fever; Why there is fear around fever?; How to safely and naturally support a child with fever (with OR without Tylenol/Advil)

• Session 2) Cough & Cold Care – Understand what is ‘normal sick’ and you can safely care for your child at home vs. ‘seriously sick’ and your child needs more help; Recognize cough and cold ‘characters’ and choose remedies accordingly; What to do about croup; Sore throat solutions; Good-tasting remedies for cough and congestion that your child will actually take (if you know, you know)

• Session 3) Tummy Tamers – Digestive health & prevention (or: How NOT to spend the holidays with a stomach bug); Understanding food sensitivities; Getting a good gut feeling: The Gut-brain connection; Remedies for gastroenteritis, nausea, constipation and tummy aches

By the end of this program, parents will:

  • Learn how to confidently care for common children’s conditions at home using gentle, natural medicine.
  • Be able to decide when kids need more medical help.
  • Be equipped to support their family’s resilience to, and recovery from illness using remedies and traditions that have been integral to motherhood for generations.
  • Be ready to resource their home with the right remedies and foods for their family, so they feel confident, calm and prepared with ‘something on hand’ to help their child or themselves, anytime this season, day or night!
  • Reduce reliance on pharmaceutical drugs to treat common childhood ailments
  • Expect to have a healthier fall and winter than last year, with fewer missed days of work/school, less chances of lingering symptoms, and reclaim the possibility of getting more sleep 🙂

Each session includes training on the naturopathic remedies for cold and flu I’d love all mamas to be knowledgeable about, including:
• Herbs and teas
• Homeopathic remedies
• Foods and supplements
• Essential oils
• Hydrotherapy
• Lifestyle and self-care ideas

…that are my tried and true “go-to’s” for preventing illness and caring for ourselves and our kids when symptoms arise.

Instructions for each stage of childhood will be provided.

Our Group Care Experience

According to James Clear, author of the amazing book, Atomic Habits, THE MOST important habit is ‘whom we spend time with.” In addition to the knowledge and skills you’ll gain in this course, receiving healthcare in a group setting offers a greater dimension in our personal growth and development. Traditionally, mothers would be encircled by a community of others, sharing knowledge and resources, offering wisdom, confidence and empathy. With this program, I invite wellness-focused moms to pour a delicious cup of your favourite beverage, diffuse a lovely oil or light a candle, and come gather around a beautiful shared intention: Raising ourselves up as mothers, as we raise up naturally healthy kids. It’s like a virtual coffee date for natural health-minded moms and I can’t wait for you to join us. I hope this experience creates lasting connections among likeminded mamas that will continue well beyond the program dates 

Naturopathic Homecare Course Sessions

Each 1-hour online session will include a teaching portion and a time for questions and group discussion. Each week, you’ll receive a link to join the video session. You’ll have the opportunity to send in your questions in advance of each class. Each class is accompanied by a complete set of notes and recommendations, and a video recording will be accessible for a limited time (of the teaching portion only). Each participant will be asked to agree to confidentiality and privacy policies for these sessions and the recordings.

Choose your session:
Thursdays, November 2, 9 & 16 at 3:30pm-4:30pm ET
Wednesdays, November 8, 15 & 22 at 10am-11am ET

Fees and Payment

The total fee for the program, $333 will be billed in three increments of $111 at the time of each session.
Fees can be paid under the account of the parent or child(ren) who is/are a current patient (must have completed an Initial consultation with Dr. Liz).

Fees are billed as group Naturopathic Visits and are eligible for benefits coverage.

Register Here

Spaces are limited and registration is required.
Reserve your spot in the Thursday 3:30 pm sessions (Nov. 2, 9 & 16) here.

Reserve your spot in the Wednesday 10 am sessions (Nov. 8, 15 & 22) here.

I look forward to connecting with you in these special sessions designed for wellness-minded mamas like you!


Dr. Liz

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