Herbal Support for Stressful Days – Gentle Nervines

Stress needs no introduction. Holding that ball of stress in our stomachs, chests, or minds sends our bodies into emergency mode – maybe you experience it through shifts in appetite, digestion, butterflies in your stomach, mental and physical exhaustion, loss of sleep, increased PMS – as your body struggles to defend itself. Stress is inevitable, and we’ll always live amongst its waves. Rather than resisting and ignoring the shifts stress causes in our bodies, causing more tension, how can we meet stress’ edges and learn instead to soften and support our bodies?   Nervines are herbs that act on the nervous system, either in a relaxing, sedative, or stimulating way. Just like you might turn to coffee as a nervine … Read More

“What’s Trump Got To Do With My Fertility?”

Did you notice anything “different” last week? Something in the air? A change in your sleep, mood or energy? Did you feel fully yourself, or a little “off”? Regardless of which side of the political fence you sit on, big changes in the world create perceptible ripple effects even for those of us observing at a distance. The conversations on Facebook speak for themselves – “something” happened in our collective consciousness across this planet last week. We can hardly help it, as human beings who are literally made of energy, which physics proves can neither be created nor destroyed: big changes happening in the world affect us all because we’re all connected. Though social media, our private conversations, our shared DNA … Read More