The Chiropractic Subluxation

If you have ever seen a chiropractor, chances are that you have heard the word ‘subluxation’, or that the chiropractor talked to you about ‘subluxated joints’. This isn’t a word that you’ll hear out on the playground, at work, or in the grocery store – unless people are discussing chiropractic, and it has a very specific meaning within chiropractic. So let’s unpack it a little, so that you understand exactly what it means and how it relates to your health. So what is a subluxation? The simplest explanation for the term ‘subluxated’ or ‘subluxation’ is to describe a joint that is not moving optimally. Most joints in the human body are designed for movement. The degree of movement varies depending … Read More

Welcoming Fertility, Pregnancy & Women’s Health Acupuncturist Sara Hodgkinson, RAc

Guelph Acupuncture Fertility

We are delighted to welcome Sara Hodgkinson, Registered Acupuncturist to the fertility & women’s health care team at Two Rivers Health. Meet Sara Hodgkinson, RAc Sara is a registered acupuncturist with 10 years of experience as a practitioner of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. Specializing in women’s health, Sara aims to bring harmony to your menstrual cycle, assist in fertility treatments, and offer care and support before, during and after pregnancy and labour. Fertility to Fourth Trimester We are very excited that she will be helping us provide for the growing demand for fertility & pregnancy acupuncture services in our Well Conceived Fertility program, and that you’ll have the benefit of her care and expertise throughout your pregnancy, birth preparation … Read More

Registered Massage Therapist Wanted to Join Our Team

Massage Therapist Position Available Guelph

If you’re a self-motivated RMT looking for a positive multidisciplinary environment and dream practice location, we could be a great fit! Two Rivers Health is an integrative family clinic situated in the beautifully restored Forsythe-Heburn building in Guelph, just steps from Guelph General Hospital and nestled amongst the desirable Two Rivers, St. James’ Park and Downtown Guelph neighbourhoods. Our growing client needs demand additional RMT care to complete our team. Imagine coming in to work in a welcoming and inspiring environment where you and your clients feel right at home. Award-winning architectural design features include spacious treatment rooms, high ceilings, plenty of natural light throughout the clinic, original hardwood and new laminate flooring throughout the clinic. The clinic is fully wheelchair … Read More

Yintention ™ – The Intention in the Yin

The time period between Samhain and Winter solstice is a dark time of year, where our days grow successively shorter, nightfall comes earlier and the cold and snow (usually although not always) settle in.  Steeping in this darkness feels, at times, uncomfortable for many of us, myself included.  Although I must say I much prefer summer with its sunshine and heat, there are many redeeming features to be found in this, our colder darker time of year. A Time of Yin Moving past the more superficial (but delicious) delights of hot cocoa and warm soups, there is beauty and nourishment to be found in the dark hush.  This is a time of yin. In Traditional Chinese Medicine yin and yang … Read More

Mental, Physical and Emotional Wellbeing: Why Mental Health Cannot Be Treated Or Diagnosed In Isolation

Mental Health Cannot be treated in isolation

  My early relationship with mental health is one of judgement and misunderstanding. I say this in the hope that we can all admit to our collective misunderstanding of mental health. For those that carry the weight of a mental health diagnosis or are challenged by different brain disorders, the common misunderstandings and judgements cannot be resolved quickly enough. 14 months ago I came to understand the severity of mental health in a way I never thought possible. My 4 kids and I lost my incredible husband to his battle with a brain disease called depression. People that know me professionally know how incredibly passionate I am about health and wellbeing. As a chiropractor, kinesiologist and at the time of … Read More

Loaded Labour – How Stress Can Derail Your Birthing Experience

Stress and Birth Stress is a ubiquitous part of our lives, especially when we are looking at something that we perceive to be an unknown, or something that is scary; for many women, childbirth represents both something scary and unknown. It is no wonder that thoughts of childbirth can represent a major source of stress for a pregnant mama. This stress and fear can hold her back from having her ideal birth, or from even thinking about, much less disclosing to herself or someone else, what her ideal birth actually is! The Mind-Body Connection Our bodies are exquisitely and intricately connected – you cannot think a thought without it having an impact on your body, as thoughts create emotions, and … Read More

5 Chiropractic Lifestyle Tips To Help You Fight The Flu This Fall

Chiropractor Guelph Immune Tips Fall Flu

Immunity, how well our immune system functions, comes to the top of many of our minds this time of year. The grocery stores and drug stores begin to prominently displaying Cold-FX,   echinacea or other such tinctures to fight off the dreaded flu. However, the best measure against colds and flu is a properly functioning immune system. Your overall level of immunity is important not only at cold and flu season but throughout the year. Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disease and other such chronic diseases are all related to immune function. It was about 3 weeks into back-to-school when I noticed the sniffles starting with my kids. Although it is natural for our bodies to have times of illness (colds … Read More