How Women Grow, Heal & Thrive

I’m hearing a message loud & clear, from women in Guelph + globally.

Smart, conscious, inspiring woman, I hear that you want more energy so you can achieve more in your family and work life, more clarity so you can be productive, present and passionate like you know you’re here to be, and more ease and joy in your life so you can enjoy your family and personal time.

I am hearing you when you say you feel stressed, down, irritable, and anxious. When you feel down & discouraged when you’re caught up in the comparison trap. When everything just feels super hard. Like all women, you want to know you’re not alone.

Good News: You’re Not Alone

The female brain is wired for connection. We learn, grow and work better in collaboration. We heal in community. As women, we need to feel connected to feel our best. We need to feel validated, to know we’re not “crazy”, and that at least one other woman out there is going through the same thing. 

As a naturopathic doctor, business owner and female leader, I know first hand we need to anchor our health care and our self care in real life so that our lifestyles can be sustainable.

Doctor Naturopath Guelph

Bringing Solutions to the Table

One of the reasons why I created The FreshCleanse Program, a 21-Day online experience for women just like you who want to clear away what’s not working for them so they can live life to the fullest, is to help women create more calm, clarity and connection in their day to day lives. This program gets rave reviews every time we run it, and it’s more and more relevant all the time. Women want not only easy-to-follow meal plans and healthy treat recipes (while these are definitely great!)…We want to think clearly. We want to feel the confidence that comes from finally feeling like we’ve released old patterns and have gotten our *stuff* together. We want easier periods and break from the roller coaster of hormone imbalances. We want freedom from fatigue, anxiety, depression and energy crashes that stealour ability to feel good in our bodies, promote our careers and take care of our families. We want to feel good about ourselves and be “seen” and valued for who we really are. We want to feel present. We want joy!

We also need to feel nourished not only with delicious, healthy food that doesn’t bloat or inflame our bodies, and also by deeper connection to our selves & other women who “get it”.


It’s time for you to become the Expert in how to take TLC (tender loving care) of yourself so you can enhance and maintain your health and wellbeing, well into the future. You are guaranteed to be with YOU for the rest of your life. You deserve this, my friend!

“What if I hate rules?”

Perfect, haha, I do, too! As a fellow rebel/rule breaker/bender I prefer to keep to the fringe of all rules and only keep the ones that feel good for me 😉 As the creator of the program you’ll find this theme runs though it so there is as much flexibility and freedom as you need (and there is ZERO guilt or getting in trouble!!)

The FreshCleanse Program is so much more FUN than the routine detox or diet. It’s not about rules & restrictions. It’s a whole-person, guided experience I’ll take you through and you can be as supported, or independent, within the program as you’d like to be. Guidelines, plans, support and community are available for structure for those who want and need it.

“How do you know if it’s right for you?” 

You want to feel aligned with the “goals and the soul” of the program – it will resonate in your heart and/or gut if it’s right.

“What if I feel scared/nervous?” 

Normal! Whenever your brain so much as imagines something different, it creates fear in anticipation of a change. To the primal fear brain, change = danger! However as you’re simply preparing for a positive change in your lifestyle and mindset that will take you toward the next stage of your life that you truly want…so you feel vulnerable or notice FEAR come up because your primal brain can’t tell the difference between an online cleanse program and a very hungry tiger! As my friend Jen Oliver, author of The Love FitMama Way says, fear is just “False Evidence Appearing Real”. Find the real evidence that this change you want to make in your life literally is NOT life-threatening, take a deep breath, and give yourself praise for choosing to receive something that’s good for you. And you have yourself your next step forward!

Questions about the program and whether it’s a fit? Leave a comment below. We respond to every message!

With full faith in you,

Dr. Liz

P.S. At the time of writing, 9 of our FreshCleanse “graduates” have already confirmed they’ll be re-joining the program this month because they loved it so much the first time…Together with these loving & supportive alumni, I will be with you every step of the way! Our 21-day program starts June 11th! Let’s get set for a glorious summer! Join by June 7th @8PM EST & Save $50! 

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