How to Be Healthy All Year…

…Starting With the Kids!
At Two Rivers Health we love to take care of families through the entire lifespan: preconception planning, pregnancy and birth right through to graceful ageing and vibrant elders! We find there’s no better time to work on kids’ health than September. At the start of every school year we receive tons of questions from concerned parents about how to strengthen their kids’ immune systems and get a edge up on cold and flu season…So they don’t have to repeat the cold and flu season they had last year.
From sore throats to asthma to fevers or even pneumonia, parents know that when kids aren’t well the entire household is affected. Meanwhile, when kids are well: game-changer!
Recognizing the huge health difference a few small changes can make, we’ve put together a fun and informative class on kids’ immunity called “Healthy All Year” and we’d love to invite you on in!
Register here to receive our best tips and tools for their (and your!) healthiest school year yet!
Be well,
Dr. Liz

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