Conception Confidence

Conception Confidence

I share my experience with both vulnerability and sensitivity for those who have struggled deeply with infertility. I hope that my story is one of hope and possibility for anyone who’s struggling with their fertility journey and desires a different experience. -Dr. Liz

A Decision About My Fertility Future

A few years ago, I made a decision.

I decided that I was NOT going to STRUGGLE with fertility.

I know this might sound hard to believe. You might be thinking, “How can anyone who wants a baby possibly DECIDE not to struggle with fertility?”

Yes, I’d experienced big emotions: vulnerability, sadness, disappointment, frustration (i.e., generally lost it a few times) when Aunt Flo came to visit. Yes, I’d suffered the loss of my first marriage along with the revelation that my first spouse did not want to have children. And yes, I’d come to terms with the fact that there is no way to gain 100% control over our fertility success.

Connected to Confidence

But pain was short-lived because I KNEW that when I was ready, and we were ready, we would be able to have a healthy baby.

How could I feel so confident? I was deeply connected to my decision to never struggle with fertility because I was already doing (and would continue to do) everything proven by evidence and within my control to optimize my fertility – through my late 30s or even 40s.

And what was this “everything” that I was doing?

Strengthening the Pillars of Fertility Success

It was what I’d been teaching my preconception and fertility patients for years – what I’ve developed into the 9 Pillars of Fertility Success in my Well Conceived Fertility Method™.

The steps are simple, the process is research-informed, and the results are profound.

It involves the right tests and assessments, the nutrition, the detoxification, the movement, the mindset, the self care, the relationship care. Whole health for both partners. All of which creates nice “side effects” of a more energized, enjoyable life even as you establish and maintain your highest fertility potential.

In 10 years of providing integrative fertility care, hundreds of hours of research, thousands of hours of working with patients, and many babies born, families created and expanded … and now with my OWN healthy child, I feel more connected than ever to the power of the process I’ve developed to help people enhance their fertility success, enrich their future babies’ health, and empower themselves through the entire journey.

I would love to share my proven path to Conception Confidence with you.

If you’re ready to release the struggle, get a plan in place, and FINALLY feel connected to your inner confidence about your fertility, contact me. We’ll set up a time for a confidential video or phone chat, and see if we’re a fit to work together toward your most Ultimate goal.

Don’t Struggle Alone

With 1 in 6 couples (that’s 50 million people!) dealing with infertility today, I’m so sad to know there are still so many people in that awful STRUGGLE around their fertility journey. Getting pregnant is about so much more than the mechanics of sperm meets egg. It’s a whole-health journey – body, mind & spirit – and we have to address the obstacles that so many people are facing that are within their power to control. I deeply believe we can do better for you. there is much more than we can, and must be doing for people with fertility challenges globally.

A More Conception-Confident Way Forward

If you’re ready to release the struggle, get a plan in place, and step into your highest fertility potential, contact me. We’ll set up a time to chat and see if working together is a fit.

With fertility blessings,
Dr. Liz

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