Step It Up AND Surrender: 3 Ways to Boost Your Back-to-School, Back-To-Life Wellness

Do you remember learning how to float?

The fear of sinking made it almost impossible to relax, but letting go was necessary to actually be able to float.

The effortlessness of riding the waves of uncertainty does not necessarily come naturally or easily, especially for those of us who like to be movers and shakers and get things done in a timely fashion (wink)…but once you’ve got it, you never forget how, and it actually feels pretty good.

So woohoo, you’re almost through back-to-school week and moving back into the routine of September – the “New New Year” when it comes to health & lifestyle. It can also be a super busy month! Personally, September has given me the opportunity to reflect on my wellbeing through all the activity & stress of the summer as I worked on bringing our new clinic, Two Rivers Health, to life and transitioning to a brand new space – given plenty of unexpected “learning opportunities” (i.e. UGH crazy challenges) and delays, and lots of opportunities to feel completely out of control 😉

(Don’t you just LOVE those?)

Since these kinds of of scenarios are not that unique, and you’ve been going through your own share of challenges in the past while, I thought I’d share 3 tips for keeping your wellbeing intact even when you’re going through something challenging or intense. You might even be working through how to re-set your health routine, get better sleep, reclaim your right to exercise and take care of yourself, nip negative self-talk in the bud…

…Whatever your goals may be for this fall, there are a few things I’ve been doing that have helped me learn how to surrender, and step up to surf those waves of uncertainty and keep well…Which is my highest wish for you, too, and I believe it’s possible, even at those times when there’s mega stress flying all around you 😉

Actually, I feel these simple mindset approaches have helped me to improve my wellbeing and my happiness and I’ve even noticed how my increased happiness has boosted my hubby’s, too.

(Happy Wife = Happy Life!)

Here’s what I’ve come up with:
1. Deschedule Like a Diva
That’s right – go ahead and take something (a few things!) off your calendar. This alone can feel really scary and uncomfortable, especially if you have a core belief that your value depends on what you do.
Truth: Your value is innate. There’s nothing you can do, say, achieve or accomplish to be more valuable or less valuable. You are infinitely worthy in the world, just as you are, right now.

2. Follow Your Feelings
Your feelings are simply information signals from your body, or your inner you. What are they saying? It can take some time to sort that out. Sit down with your feelings and let yourself soften to experience them. Even if they are uncomfortable, invite them for a cup of herbal tea. Feelings are real and they’re an expression of something you need to know.
Truth: You have permission to sort through your feelings before making your next move or decision.

3. Step It Up or Surrender?
September is such a confusing month! On one hand, we’re soooo ready to get out of the chaos of summer BBQ’s, travel, eating all over the place, booze, sleeping in, etc. etc. and on the other hand we grieve that summer freedom feeling big time. We get ready to get our hustle on for the busiest quarter of the year, yet we might still need recovery time from what the year has already brought to us.
Truth: You get to choose whether to step it up a notch, practice sweet surrender, or mix it up! I’m all about creating my ideal life, one step *(or misstep)* at a time. I’d love to help you do the same!

If you’ve moved, had a baby, started a business etc. you’ll know that there are going to be hiccups, and that how we treat ourselves during the storms predicts our wellbeing once the winds die down and damages are being assessed. So after a summer of attempting to get things to move forward with my own sheer strength (haha…) I’ve embraced September as an opportunity to both step up the work that brings me the greatest happiness, and surrender to the waves of uncertainty, because the only way I know how to float is to relax and let go.

For more on moving through the storm or putting more wind into your sails, come on in for a check-in and we’ll get you going with a plan that’s just right for you.

Be well,
Dr. Liz

P.S. Being well does NOT mean being perfect…don’t be tempted to beat yourself up (as I have) when things don’t all line up super smoothly.
Place your hand on your heart, take a deep breath, and say out loud, “I do enough, I am enough.” #Truth

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