90% of Your Fertility Success Is Already Within You

There’s more to getting pregnant and having your baby than getting sperm and egg together in the same room.

Since I released my e-book Let Your Fertility Shine just 2 weeks ago, over 1000 women have already accessed it. That’s such an honour for me!!…but it also sends me a deeper message: there’s a real & immediate need for the expert fertility guidance, research-proven methods and compassionate support that I’ve packaged up for you in my Fertility Empowerment Program.
The program gives you is everything you need to do between your clinic visits to actually transform your results.

You see, 90% of your fertility success is actually already within you. You just need to apply the right information, at the right times, to get the results you’re looking for.
(Hence this spontaneous ultra value “Cyber Monday” offer (from a woman who didn’t even know what “Cyber Monday” even meant just 1 year ago! 😉)
Why I Created the Fertility Empowerment Program
In helping hundreds of patients I recognized that they needed to apply a host of simple yet new skills in their lifestyles – beyond the walls of my office – to get true transformation in their fertility results. I taught my patients one-on-one and witnessed the differences when they took control of their choices between clinic visits in the sequence I had researched and taught them. I realized that everyone facing fertility challenges or hoping for a baby needed to apply many of the same principles for success. As my practice got busier and busier I needed to focus on the things that I needed to do for my patients in-office: testing, assessment, treatment, prescriptions, individual counselling – so I searched for a book, course or resource to teach my patients everything they could be doing to boost their fertility – but I realized such a resource didn’t exist.

So, I decided to create it! Launched last year the Fertility Empowerment Program has already helped many women and couples to optimize their fertility and birth healthy babies, even where other methods (including IVF, ICSI and IUI) have failed. And I’ve now made it more accessible than ever through this self-guided course format and this one-day SALE.

Here’s what a client couple had to say about the program:
“I really found the fertility program helpful and empowering. There is so much about infertility that is out of our control that Elizabeth was able to help me realize we were still in control of so many things. The program helped me recognize that my overall health plays a huge factor in fertility and I could takes steps every day to feel like I was supporting my health through difficult treatments.  The program really helped me figure out the best nutrition, emotional and mental health and to consider ways to optimize my health. I found we were able to work through the classes and coaching sessions as a couple together and it allowed us to connect on some of the harder discussions and feel like a team again.” -M.B. & K.D., Ontario
“Is It For Me?”
Have questions about the Fertility Empowerment e-course, simply email me to his message and I’ll respond to your question personally.
Don’t miss out, sale ends November 28 at 11:59PM Eastern.
With inspired hope for your ultimate dream,
P.S. If you’re ready for a baby in the coming year, you’re going to want to start investing in your fertility now. It takes a few specific steps to optimize your and your partner’s fertility so you can create the right conditions for a healthy pregnancy & baby.
If you’re ready for a baby, I’ll show you how to prepare and transform your results here.

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