3 Lessons I’ve Learned About Fertility

Integrative Fertility Expert, Dr. Elizabeth Cherevaty

Looking back on when I first started working with people with infertility as a new naturopathic doctor, there were a few things I didn’t realize would become so relevant to my practice – and my clients’ success.

Thank Goodness for Toxicology

One: I didn’t realize how grateful I’d be for having (somewhat blindly) chosen Biomedical Toxicology as my major in undergrad. I really didn’t know what it was – only that it was at the U of G, sounded “biology-related”, and had co-op (which my mom encouraged me to go for so that I could put myself through school – it worked!). Thank goodness for toxicology, which taught me that the human body is capable of releasing almost any toxin – including fertility-damaging hormones, pesticides and solvents – provided the body is properly nourished!

Fertility Stress

Two: I didn’t realize the extent to which caring for people with fertility issues would mean addressing stress. Now, as the years have gone by, I’m navigating high-stress events in my own life, everything from building a new business to friends’ illnesses to separation and divorce to the loss of my dad – plus good stressors, too – and have received plenty of love, support and counselling along the way when I was brave enough to reach out for help. The stress of infertility is one of those stressors that still, sadly, remains socially stigmatized and silent. This isolation adds to the suffering women and men experience when they want a baby but can’t, for various reasons, have one. In fact, infertility is as stressful as having cancer or HIV. Often, women are told that their stress is a primary roadblock to pregnancy – but they’re not being shown how to reduce and overcome their stress. This has become some of the primary work we do together in my fertility programs.

Many Pieces to This Puzzle

Three: I didn’t realize how many factors affect our fertility. In my work over the past 7 years, I’ve identified 12 factors that compromise fertility that conventional medicine and fertility care isn’t currently addressing. Many of these factors are hidden or missed by routine lab investigations (I’ve shown how to overcome the 3 biggest ones in my e-book). Meanwhile, I’ve learned and been humbled to witness how perfectly suited naturopathic medicine is to address these many factors. Naturopathic medicine teaches us to think holistically. Indeed, fertility issues encompass the whole person and even at times, one’s whole life. What are all of the pieces of the puzzle affecting this person who’s sitting in front of me? When and why did their symptoms really begin?

Since fertility is a function of health, being fertile is the normal, healthy state of being. It is how we all got here. The state of infertility – essentially of not being able to pass on your DNA to the next generation – isn’t normal. It means (to my way of thinking), these are signs pointing us in the direction of what the body needs for healing.

Working with an integrative perspective, we find the missing pieces of the puzzle for an individual person and her partner. We supply the resources (such as nutrients) that are missing, and/or remove the obstacles (such as excess toxins) standing in her way to healing. In health and healing, fertility can be restored, and the body and mind brought back to thriving as we are designed to be.

My passion for working with couples on their fertility stems from a deep commitment to helping to bring healthy children into the world and to leave this world a healthier, better place for them. To join me in this mission, head on over to Natural Fertility BOOSTCamp Private Chat Group, or book an appointment online. Let’s get your fertility and your life where you want them to be.

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