11 Hidden Fertility Obstacles

It’s frustrating. It’s disappointing. It’s anxiety-producing. And it’s happening for 1 in 5 couples globally.

Week after week, I’m saddened to witness how many women and couples have been struggling alone with one of the most stressful experiences on earth: The Infertility Journey. Many of the people I work with have been leaving proven fertility-supporting strategies on the table, not even realizing that they are there.

On one hand, we are functioning with two complementary yet distinct approaches to help you get pregnant: the Disease Care Approach of conventional medicine and the Health Care Approach of complementary medicine.

You see, Fertility is the Norm. Fertility is a Function of Health. Fertility is how we all got here.

That’s why it’s my role to help couples to optimize their overall health while using specific therapies to boost their fertility.

From Health, Fertility Flows

Conventional diagnostics help us to identify the markers of disease leading to your infertility: blocked tubes, fibroids, PCOS, low sperm count, Hashimoto’s…We need these diagnostics and use them daily. These “Infertility Factors” are like the stone boulders in a mountainous journey between you and the baby you dream of.

Naturopathic methods help us create a more complete assessment as we seek to identify the absence of markers of health that relate to your fertility. In other words, we will take into account your Infertility Factors and we will also restore the “Fertility Factors” that are missing from your picture. This process of helping your body heal and helping your health to be optimal is like building hand-holds in your mountainside that will help you climb right over it.

If you’ve been TTC for a long time, you’re probably fully aware of your Infertility Factors – the “biggies” identified to you by your MD or fertility clinic. So let’s take a look at some of the many “minor factors” that could be blocking your path to parenthood.

The Top 11 Hidden Obstacles to Pregnancy
  1. The Technology Trap
  2. The Guess Mess
  3. Missed Malnourishment
  4. In Excess
  5. Sustained Stress State
  6. Precarious Palace
  7. Fanning Flames
  8. Toxic Overload
  9. Out of Tune Immune
  10. The Follicle Stop
  11. Fight, Flight, Freeze

By learning how to spot these 11 Hidden Obstacles in your own path to pregnancy and gaining the tools to overcome them, you’ll move miles ahead in your fertility journey.

In future posts, I’ll take you through each of these 11 Hidden Obstacles to Pregnancy one by one, and show you what you can do about them.

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