An Integrative Approach for Empowered Birth

Integrative Prenatal Course at Two Rivers Health

To all the beautiful pregnant mamas out there wondering and worrying about child birth: Join Dr. Antoinette Falco (ND, Doula), Dr. Alyssa Shepherd (DC, Doula) and Doula Christa VanderVelde for a four week long seminar series to help prep you in mind-body & soul to birth your little bundle of bliss with information and empowerment.   Over the span of these four classes, our empowered birth experts Dr. Antoinette, Dr. Alyssa and Doula Christa will teach you about: Pain What is it? What is its purpose? How can you decrease pain? How can you use pain to your advantage? Mindset How your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and expectations influence your birth experience, and how to leverage these things to your advantage … Read More

Stick Says “Pregnant”, Now What? 5 First Trimester Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Post by Dr. Antoinette Falco ND, Women’s & Children’s Health Expert Stick says “pregnant”. Congratulations!! Now what??? The past few months in practice, I’ve noticed that the couples I work with invest a lot of amazing effort and attention to their health when trying to conceive. Once pregnant, they’re often curious about what to do next to ensure the healthiest possible pregnancy and baby. Usually, you’ll have peed on several sticks, told your partner, and checked in with your family doctor for a blood test confirming your pregnancy. Check, check and check! After doing everything you could do to boost your fertility and get pregnant, what else can you do once you’ve confirmed a positive pregnancy? Here are some of … Read More