Loaded Labour – How Stress Can Derail Your Birthing Experience

Stress and Birth Stress is a ubiquitous part of our lives, especially when we are looking at something that we perceive to be an unknown, or something that is scary; for many women, childbirth represents both something scary and unknown. It is no wonder that thoughts of childbirth can represent a major source of stress for a pregnant mama. This stress and fear can hold her back from having her ideal birth, or from even thinking about, much less disclosing to herself or someone else, what her ideal birth actually is! The Mind-Body Connection Our bodies are exquisitely and intricately connected – you cannot think a thought without it having an impact on your body, as thoughts create emotions, and … Read More

An Integrative Approach for Empowered Birth

Integrative Prenatal Course at Two Rivers Health

To all the beautiful pregnant mamas out there wondering and worrying about child birth: Join Dr. Antoinette Falco (ND, Doula), Dr. Alyssa Shepherd (DC, Doula) and Doula Christa VanderVelde for a four week long seminar series to help prep you in mind-body & soul to birth your little bundle of bliss with information and empowerment.   Over the span of these four classes, our empowered birth experts Dr. Antoinette, Dr. Alyssa and Doula Christa will teach you about: Pain What is it? What is its purpose? How can you decrease pain? How can you use pain to your advantage? Mindset How your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and expectations influence your birth experience, and how to leverage these things to your advantage … Read More

Chiropractic Care for Babies

Chiropractor Babies Guelph

By Dr. Alyssa Shepherd DC Chiropractic Care For Babies: Why They’re A Winning Recipe For a Healthy Start In Life Babies: Cute, adorable, squishy, magical creatures of wonder and bliss, starting out on the epic adventure that will be their life here on earth. Chiropractic: Gentle, effective, health-optimizing, non-invasive, drug-free, holistic, safe. Combine the two and you have a winning recipe for a healthy start – and what better gift for your baby than optimized health from the get-go? However many people remain in the dark about the numerous benefits of chiropractic care for babies, so let’s delve in and start turning on the light of knowledge! J Postural stresses in utero Ask any pregnant woman and she will tell … Read More

Birth With Ease & Empowerment – New Childbirth Prep Class at Two Rivers Health

Childbirth Preparation Class at Two Rivers Health

Childbirth. If you’re like me, this isn’t something that you gave any real thought to until it became a reality – i.e. until I became pregnant with my son. And then it became something I thought about almost as much as I was studying for exams. Hollywood would have us believe that childbirth means ruined shoes from the heroic ‘her water just broke’ scene, followed by a screaming woman, in a hospital, who, after delivering a picture perfect baby, goes back to her pre-partum self within seconds. Oh Hollywood, how wrong you have it yet again, and yet how pervasive your myths are! While some women do have this kind of experience, for others it couldn’t be more inaccurate. There … Read More