5 Ways to Love Your Self…Now!

https://tworivers.janeapp.com/locations/two-rivers-health/book#/staff_member/13, Eleni Kapetanios, NLP Practitioner - Break Through Body Image

In this post, Eleni Kapetanios, NLP Practitioner shares her story of shifting from the crushing suffering of self-hate to the contentment of self-love, and how you can do the same, starting with one of her 5 simple strategies shared right here. I used to hate myself. The way I looked. I used to look in the mirror and panic about not looking good enough, or skinny enough. Even at my leanest, I looked in the mirror, disgusted. I couldn’t stand getting dressed, if clothes were tighter than they had been, I beat myself up. I ate super clean – bringing my own dinner to people’s houses, in Tupperware. If I ate “bad” food, say at a restaurant, I would cry on the … Read More

Change Your Brain, Change Your Life: Eleni Kapetanios Explains Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP Gives You Emotional Freedom So You Can Live Your Best Life

What is NLP? Neuro Linguistic Programming is a strategy that uses the language of the brain to consistently achieve our specific and desired outcomes. What does that mean for you, and the goals you want to reach in your health and life? To put it simply – we look at where and how you’re stuck, uncover the root problem, and change your brain’s old patterns into new pathways that are positive, and will allow you to reach your goals. We actually change the neurology in your brain. Addressing the Root Cause with NLP Certain symptoms may present themselves as a problem. You might have been diagnosed with anxiety or an eating disorder. However, any problem that is plaguing you is … Read More