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Dr. Elizabeth Cherevaty ND, RAc, is an Integrative Fertility Expert who coaches and trains women around the world to optimize their fertility naturally, whether they’re planning for natural conception, IUI or IVF. As an experienced naturopathic doctor, acupuncturist and Wellness Leader she shares her passion for helping couples bring healthy babies into the world through clinical care, online training & workshops. Dr. Cherevaty is the founder and creator of The Fertility Empowerment Program™ and the WellConceived™ Fertility Program, a 9-week clinical + online program for women and couples planning to conceive.

How We Work Together

Here’s what to expect when seeing your Naturopathic Doctor for fertility care. We’ll review your fertility and health history in detail, including any lab work you’ve had done in the past year or two. (If possible, please bring these reports with you to your Initial Consultation). We’ll discuss your goals and experiences and get you started with the most important first steps. Recommendations may include additional testing with your medical doctor or through our office. At your second visit, we’ll complete your assessment given additional reports, and help you shift into your longer-term treatment plan. We’ll review your results in the early part of each cycle to monitor your progress and help you continue to improve your chances of bringing home your healthy baby. If acupuncture is part of your treatment plan, we’ll see you 1-2 times per week, supporting the optimal functions of each stage of your cycle, for 12-16 weeks for optimum results. For men requiring acupuncture treatment for fertility concerns including sperm quality and libido, sessions are typically once per week for 12-16 weeks or until desired results are obtained.


Health Begins Before Conception

You’re ready to start a family, and you’ve heard there are certain things you can do to enhance your fertility and make it easier to get pregnant. You want to boost your fertility and ease the stress that can come with trying to conceive.

The research is clear: the health status of both parents in the months prior to conception influences both their fertility and the future health potential of their child. That’s because the moment the sperm fertilizes the egg, your child’s DNA health blueprint is created: 50% from the mother and 50% from the father. The DNA inside the egg and sperm is sensitive to the respective health status of the mother- and father-to-be during the 3-4 months of development that these cells go through before they fuse at conception. Because your nutrition, toxin exposure and stress levels can influence the integrity of the DNA in your eggs or sperm, your healthy lifestyle choices are a valuable investment in your child’s future wellbeing – even before he or she is conceived. We’ll teach you and your partner how to create a fertility-friendly lifestyle so you can optimize your fertility and give your best to your baby.


The One Hundred Days

It takes approximately 100 days for the egg (oocyte) to become mature and ready for ovulation, and for new sperm cells to develop. During this 3-4 month time frame, both eggs and sperm are very sensitive to their environment, which is created by your and your partner’s health. The field of medicine known as “epigenetics” shows us that your future baby’s genes will be influenced by your nutrition, exercise, detoxification and stress in the months prior to conception, as well as during pregnancy. Genes that are influenced in this time frame can have a significant impact on your risk for miscarriage, and even on certain aspects of your future child’s health well into his or her adulthood.


Make It Count

Going through fertility challenges, IUI or IVF can be physically and emotionally grueling. You put everything you’ve got on the line and we want to make the process easier for you and above all else, increase your chances of bringing home a healthy baby. The average IVF program costs tens of thousands of dollars and (if you’re in Ontario) only one of them is covered. Whether naturally or with IVF, each cycle gives you an opportunity to conceive.

You want to make it count.

Recognizing the importance of The 100 Days in your fertility and your child’s health potential, we implement evidence-based treatment plans to help you transform your fertility results and optimize your chances of healthy conception, whether planning for natural or assisted reproduction. We teach you how to understand your cycle and when you’re fertile. We treat both male and female fertility challenges naturally and effectively using evidence-based plans. If you’re working with a fertility clinic, we’ll work cooperatively to create an individualized plan to support success. In fact, acupuncture alone has been shown to increase IVF success rates by as much as 60%.

Proactive Preconception

Whether considering IVF or natural conception, many of our clients prefer to set aside a few months to enhance their health through nutrition, detoxification, hormonal balancing, and stress reduction in order to optimize their fertility prior to trying to conceive. Naturopathic doctors are ideally qualified to support you with this kind of whole-person approach to your fertility journey. Treatment plans may include nutrition and lifestyle changes, botanical medicine, acupuncture and tools for stress reduction.

Ready to try an integrative approach to your fertility? Whether you’re planning for IVF this month, or you’d like to take a few months to work on some of your health concerns first, we support you in taking a proactive approach. Book an appointment with naturopathic fertility expert, Dr. Elizabeth Cherevaty, ND, RAc or contact us with any questions you may have.


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