Yintention ™ – The Intention in the Yin

The time period between Samhain and Winter solstice is a dark time of year, where our days grow successively shorter, nightfall comes earlier and the cold and snow (usually although not always) settle in.  Steeping in this darkness feels, at times, uncomfortable for many of us, myself included.  Although I must say I much prefer summer with its sunshine and heat, there are many redeeming features to be found in this, our colder darker time of year.

A Time of Yin

Moving past the more superficial (but delicious) delights of hot cocoa and warm soups, there is beauty and nourishment to be found in the dark hush.  This is a time of yin. In Traditional Chinese Medicine yin and yang exist as a complimentary pair – with yang embodying attributes of light, loud, masculinity, giving and doing, while yin is the converse of all these traits – dark, quiet, feminine, receiving and restful.

Rest & Reflection

Many people find themselves overwhelmed at this time of year because there is so much doing and frenzy, when really, being in the peak of yin, this is a time for rest, reflection, and receiving. Right now is the best time get really serious with your self-care. It is a great time to get reflective – to journey inward and get really honest with yourself about where you’ve been in the past year, where you’d like to go, and what you need in order for this to happen. Asking these important questions and getting really clear on your needs and truths can help prime you to see more of the successes you want to see in your life in the next year, and beyond. Journaling or sitting in quiet meditation (or both!) are great methods to help you in this reflective process.

Sewing Seeds of Intention

The Chopra Center defines intention as “a directed impulse of consciousness that contains the seed form of that which you aim to create”, and just like the seeds of a plant, there is a period of apparent latency with intention. This is the period where the seed is in the dark soil, soaking in water, nutrients, and generating the root system which will anchor it and provide it with support in the future. The dark hush of this time of year allows optimal conditions to let these intentions take root so they can grow and stand tall, weathering any conditions the future may bring. There is trust and patience to be found in this process, as well as resolve and determination. Using this period of yin to cast creative seeds of consciousness is what I term “yintention™”.


I would encourage you, in this period of rest, reflection and receiving to run counter to our culture and to take some time for you – step back from the activity and the expectations of ‘doing’. Having some quiet time can allow you to bravely venture to this honest place of self-reflection and discovery and yintention™, allowing you to get very clear on what needs to happen or change or be brought in to your life to help these intention seeds grow.  The limits people place on waiting til New Years for reflection and goal setting and change need not exist.  The time is ripe now to begin the process.


To learn more about how mind-body chiropractic can help you in this process and facilitate optimal health, book a complimentary meet & greet with Dr Alyssa…  let’s bring in 2019 with intention and purpose and make it your healthiest year yet!

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