Special Message from Coleen Murphy RMT to the Two Rivers Health Community

May 25th, 2021

It is with mixed emotions that my last day at Two Rivers Health Clinic will be on June 26th, 2021. I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of the team and especially to Dr.Liz Cheravaty for giving me the opportunity to work with you at your amazing clinic.

What a year it’s been! It truly has been an honor to be apart of this team during such a precarious time.

This team has shown me their grit and their dedication to providing expert care during any challenge. I know they are all working very hard to continue to offer a safe haven for healing including finding another Massage Therapist to continue this service. Look forward to further details about the new RMT.

This has been a very difficult and recent decision for my family and I. Last year when I started this practice, I would have never imagined this window of opportunity for us to move back to Nova Scotia to be so soon. Our challenge of this year was not being able to get back to Nova Scotia to support elderly family and friends, an agony that many have had to endure this past year.

I have thoroughly enjoyed practicing massage therapy in both locations and meeting every single person that has come through our door.  You have enabled me to get back to what I love to do after being off on maternity leave so this I will always cherish.

Thank you for having the courage to come to the clinic during Covid and comply with all the new rules to continue to support your own healing and the safety of others.

This pandemic will pass, we will digest all that is positive about this past year and what has been negative that we need to shed for us to go forward in a more productive way.

I hope you will continue to support yourselves and lean on this amazing team at Two Rivers Health Clinic to assist you during these trying times and even beyond.

Thank you and Sláinte!

Coleen Murphy, RMT

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