Meet Katherine Peloso Smith, Nutritionist!

Katherine Peloso Smith, Guelph Nutritionist

Katherine Peloso Smith is a registered holistic nutritionist and graduate of the Canadian
School of Natural Nutrition. She is dedicated to empowering others to nourish their bodies
optimally through whole foods, natural supplementation and healthy lifestyle choices.
Her practice encompasses a complete mind, body and spirit approach to uncovering the root
cause of health concerns and uses real-life, practical tactics to do so.
Katherine specializes in women and family nutrition with a special focus on supporting mothers
through fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum. She is also very passionate about infant and toddler
nutrition, and working with families who have children with learning and behavioural conditions.
Katherine strongly believes that the key to a healthy and sustainable future is to improve our
relationships with food— starting with children, and teaching them the importance of real, whole
foods through gardening, cooking and listening to the messages our bodies send us. Together,
through food we can all make a difference!

What can a holistic/natural nutritional practitioner do for you?

As a health professional, I assess the health and vitality in the natural context of each client and
their whole life experience; including their physical, emotional, social and environmental
circumstances. I use nutritional choices, supplements, education and lifestyle modifications in a
completely non-invasive way to empower each individual towards self-healing, increased health
and maximized vitality.

No one-size fits all approach — every client is considered to be unique and individual.

The person as a whole is always taken into account.

Nutritional deficiencies, insufficiencies and excesses are examined and addressed using the
positive attributes of nutrients.

Tools of the trade centre on whole, natural food and supplements without harmful additives, with
an eye on environmentally sound alternatives.

Concentration is on preventing poor health or re-establishing good health, catching imbalances in
the early stages, but diagnosis and treatment are not part of the Scope of Practice.

An effective and lasting approach.

Education of the client is of primary importance.

Guidance so that the client remains in control of his/her own well-being.

Latest available research and clinical evidence is used to develop a personalized health plan
based on individualized health goals.

Depending on your individual health goals and needs, some areas we explore include:
Complete Body Systems Assessment
Nutrient Deficiencies
Food Intolerances /Allergies
Meal /Menu Planning
Recipe Building
Cleansing and Detoxification
Immune Support
Gut Restoration
Reducing Inflammation
Hormone Balancing
Sleep Health
Emotional/Spiritual Connection
Grocery Store Tours
Other Lifestyle Practices

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