Loaded Labour – How Stress Can Derail Your Birthing Experience

Stress and Birth

Stress is a ubiquitous part of our lives, especially when we are looking at something that we perceive to be an unknown, or something that is scary; for many women, childbirth represents both something scary and unknown. It is no wonder that thoughts of childbirth can represent a major source of stress for a pregnant mama. This stress and fear can hold her back from having her ideal birth, or from even thinking about, much less disclosing to herself or someone else, what her ideal birth actually is!

The Mind-Body Connection

Our bodies are exquisitely and intricately connected – you cannot think a thought without it having an impact on your body, as thoughts create emotions, and emotions create biochemistry, which then bathes your body and affects your function and health.

One way to interpret this is to try to avoid feeling the fear – to bury it in a closet in the dark corners of your brain, where you think that it will never be found. However (spoiler alert!), this doesn’t work. Sooner or later, the fear will break free and it will show up – either prior to birth, or at your birth! Ideally the fear breaks free prior to your birth so you have an opportunity to recognize it, deal with it and neutralize it – and even more ideal, is that you have at least one expert in your corner to help you hack through what can be a haze of hellishness. Without such expertise, it becomes incredibly easy to live in the fear and be consumed by it, which only creates more stress and detracts from the health of you and your unborn baby, and your ability to enjoy your pregnancy and your day-to-day life.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, emotions cause dis-ease / disease in specific organs of the body. Fear affects the kidneys, adrenals, bladder and reproductive organs. Have you ever wondered what would cause a labour to stall? Or a birthing woman to stop dilating? Or the excessive vomiting which can show up in a woman’s labour? These outcomes all depict how unresolved fears create stress in the body, hijacking your birthing physiology and setting it on a more difficult trajectory than would otherwise need be, creating even more stress. Your thoughts, your emotions and your beliefs all affect your labouring experience. And rest assured, if you’ve ignored them, or buried them, they will show up to meet you at your labour and birth.

What To Do

Thankfully, there are very effective methods to help you neutralize your fears and stresses, and help prime your mind and body to have the birth your heart and soul yearn for. Through her experiences working with pregnant women, Dr. Alyssa has developed a unique approach to helping women achieve Birth Bliss™ by neutralizing fears, getting aligned and harmonizing mind and body. This allows women to birth with helping them head into birth calm, clear and confident in themselves, their body, and the process of birth.

If you are a pregnant woman, you can get a jump on the process of dealing with these fears and stresses by getting really clear on what your ideal birth is – if you could have it all, what would that look like? Next, look to find out what fears and beliefs are going to be a source of sabotage (fear of pain tends to be a common one). This is an exercise best done alone, or with a trusted health care provider who understands and has experience with birth, the mind-body connection, and the ability to walk with you through your upcoming journey. You’ll also need the right help to neutralize these fears and belief patterns. A consult with Dr. Alyssa to discuss her unique approach to helping women walk courageously and confidently into birth can prove an invaluable asset in this quest.

Book a Complimentary Birth Bliss Discovery Call with Dr. Alyssa to get your questions answered and begin the journey to having your ideal birth.

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