What Does a Holistic Nutritionist Do?

Holistic Nutritionist Guelph

We are delighted to introduce you to Naomi Higenbottam, Holistic Nutritionist & Registered Nurse and the newest member of the Two Rivers Health integrative fertility & family care team.

What is Holistic Nutrition?

A Holistic Nutritionist is a health practitioner who has taken the Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP) training at one of the recognized schools in Ontario offering this unique training. Holistic Nutritionists can help you identify and manage nutritional deficiencies, reduce inflammation, heal the digestive system, optimize the body for pregnancy and nourish your baby as he or she develops in utero. We are thrilled to welcome Naomi who also brings her training and experience as a public health nurse whose practice focused on prenatal and postnatal health for mothers and babies. A Holistic Nutritionist can give you targeted help around modifying recipes to suit individual sensitivities, allergies or symptoms you want to heal through food. She will help you clear foods from your fridge and pantry that are tempting, or worse, harming you and give you all the guidance you’d like on how to replace those with healthier options that will suit both your health and wellness goals as well as make your taste buds happy Naomi’s work is evidence-based and highly sensitive to your personal preferences and needs.

Our Well Conceived Fertility clients will now have the opportunity for focused fertility nutrition support with Naomi. She will complete an assessment of your current nutritional status, dietary routines and preferences, lifestyle and your partner’s preferences as well. She’ll provide you with a focused plan tailored to the evidence-based Fertility Diet as presented by Dr. Elizabeth Cherevaty at the Canadian Fertility Show 2019, and as taught in our self-paced online program. Research shows that preconception nutrition can positively influence your fertility success, as well as the health potential you and your partner will give to your future baby. Having Naomi’s support will ensure you feel prepared and inspired to take advantage of everything that preconception nutrition has to offer you and your baby (even from the preconception time before you get pregnant).

About Naomi Higenbottam, Holistic Nutritionist

As a mother herself, Naomi is passionate about preconception, prenatal and postpartum nutrition. She has worked for over 10 years with women and has seen the impact optimal nutrition can have on the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health of a woman, particularly during her journey to motherhood. Her goal is to empower and encourage women and their partners to develop a foundation of health so that they are in the best place possible when trying to conceive. She also works with women dealing with irregular periods, PCOS, infertility, low milk supply and PMS and provides them with the tools needed to bring balance into their lives.

Holistic Nutritionist GuelphA Certified Nutritional Practitioner and Registered Nurse, Naomi received her Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BScN) from York University and earned a Masters of Public Health (MPH) degree at The University of Waterloo. She completed her Diploma of Holistic Nutrition and Naturally Designed Pregnancy Certification at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. Naomi has also completed Herbalism Level 1 at The Herbal Academy.

Naomi is available to meet with clients on Tuesdays & Thursdays at Two Rivers Health. Holistic Nutrition care begins with an Initial Assessment visit which can be booked online, and may continue with focused follow ups, meal planning and recipes, assessment for food sensitivities and specialized dietary recommendations according to your individual needs. For your convenience, subsequent Holistic Nutrition visits can be in-office or on the phone or Skype. Start nourishing your self and your future, today!

Naomi also invites you to connect with her on Instagram @bloomnaturally where she shares inspiration for your healthfully nourished lifestyle.

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