Health for the Holidays

With the holidays on our radars and time seemingly speeding up as the year draws to a close, how are you feeling? As I swap out my light summer layers for sweaters and long pants, I inevitably take stock of how things “fit” and how I’m “functioning” compared to the year before. I try to mentally prepare for work celebrations, parties with friends and family gatherings. As the city decorates, Santa Claus parades pass by and the intensity of this season increases, I know that protecting my health is crucial for heading into January without burnout or an extra 5 to 10 lbs! I’ve developed my approach over the years and in the context of naturopathic medicine and my clinical experience, and I’ve found these are skills that are important to share.

To help you get the most out of your life and health this holiday season, I’ve created an incredible program based on what I’ve found most people need at this time of year. This is an individualized, 3-session program to help you optimize your energy, banish bloating and release excess weight so you feel your best in time for the eventful holiday season – whether it’s keeping energy high for gift shopping and baking, or toning up in time for office parties, this is the time to start!

How it Works: Your 3 visits will be scheduled over the course of 3-4 weeks. Here’s what you’ll get in the program:

Visit 1: Nutrition & Lifestyle Assessment
• Identify your specific, individual goals & how you’ll achieve them in the program.

• Review of your current medications, supplements, symptoms and health history.

• Focused Physical Assessment and Baseline Health Status Scorecard.

• Gut Health Profile (digestive function & immune system).

At your first appointment you’ll also receive a folder of “homework”:
• Diet Diary for 1 week, Exercise Diary for 1 week.

• Grocery Shopping List and begin Clean Eating plan.

Value: $117 for current patients (45 minute session), $197 for new patients (60 minute session).

Visit 2: Overcome Roadblocks

• Assessment of progress and presence of any roadblocks
• Review of Diet Diary and Exercise Diary. Discussion of adjustments required to reach your personal goals.

• Stress Reduction Scorecard
• Supplement prescription (only as needed).
• Homework: Support with sticking with your optimal nutrition, exercise and recovery, implementing individualized self-care plan for stress management.

Value: $88

Visit 3: Holiday Health & Joy
• Assessment of progress.
• How to handle holiday parties without spoiling your progress or being out of commission the next day.
• How to minimize indigestion and fatigue associated with “cheating”.
• Learn abdominal massage for acute bloating relief.
• Homework: Continue following suggestions from all visits, support for implementing strategies to coast through less-healhty times over the holiday season.

Value: $88

Total Program Value: $293 (current patients) / $373 (new patients)

EARLY BIRDS SAVE $50! Book your 3-visit program by December 7, 2016 to receive your Early Bird Savings!

All visits are covered by insurance for naturopathic doctor visits.

If you’re ready to overcome health challenges, enjoy your holidays in optimal health, and carry new self-care skills forward into the New Year, this focused, personalized Health for the Holidays program is a good fit for you! (Christmas present, anyone?)

To learn more, book a complimentary meet-and-greet consult with Dr. Alaina Gair or book right in to your first Health for the Holidays visit by Wednesday, December 7, 2016 at 9PM EST to receive your Early-Bird Discount! Click here to SAVE $50 on your program.

I’m looking forward to helping you enjoy Health for the Holidays!

Dr. Alaina


P.S. Have a friend who’d get a lot out of this program? Refer a friend and you’ll both be entered to win one of our beautiful healthy prizes sponsored by some of our favourite local Guelph friends and businesses!


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