“What’s Trump Got To Do With My Fertility?”

Did you notice anything “different” last week? Something in the air? A change in your sleep, mood or energy? Did you feel fully yourself, or a little “off”?

Regardless of which side of the political fence you sit on, big changes in the world create perceptible ripple effects even for those of us observing at a distance.

The conversations on Facebook speak for themselves – “something” happened in our collective consciousness across this planet last week. We can hardly help it, as human beings who are literally made of energy, which physics proves can neither be created nor destroyed: big changes happening in the world affect us all because we’re all connected. Though social media, our private conversations, our shared DNA and the reverberations of a big shift happening in a big country with a lot of people’s hearts, minds and choices engaged.
We are all connected. And this means you’re never alone, no matter how you’re feeling right now.
So how does this affect your body, your health?
Personally, I had made a conscious decision months ago to create a field of positivity and optimism within and around me regardless of the outcome of the US election…I specifically did not want to engage with the negative energy and fear surrounding the event. And I wanted to send trust, love and faith to my American inlaws and friends and confidence to my patients and clients around the world, that no matter what happens in this very charged election campaign, we are going to retain and even deepen our wellness and our connection to ourselves and one another.
Yet I did feel something last week, both before and after the election results, and when I think about it that something probably became perceptible to me just days before the actual election day. I didn’t sleep well (I usually do). I had a few heart palpitations. I had a headache. I felt a subtle ache in my abdomen and I felt generally a little more “on edge” than I would have expected myself to be as a Canadian who doesn’t even have cable TV, let alone a fixed setting on Fox News.
But how does this relate to fertility (or anything else physiological, for that matter)?
Your nervous system has two departments:
1. The “Fight, Flee or Freeze Department”. This is AKA the sympathetic nervous system and in times of stress, it enables us to survive.
2. The “Rest, Digest & Procreate Department”. This is also called your parasympathetic nervous system and in times of safety it enables us to thrive.
When your Rest, Digest & Procreate nervous system is activated, your cycle stays regular, you have an easy period, you build a nourishing lining in your womb, and you can get pregnant and stay pregnant.
If the Fight, Flee or Freeze functions take over (as when we are scheduled to the max, not sleeping, feeling out of control, or suffering with chronic worry, anxiety or depression), the blood flow you need to supply your reproductive organs is shunted to your arms and legs – as if the body is preparing you to run away! or fight for your life!…to escape and survive that threat that it perceives as being right outside your door!
So if you felt sensitive to the energy culminating in last week’s election, you are not alone. Gaining a conscious awareness of where sources of stress – Fight Flee or Freeze functions – are taking hold in your body and distracting your body from healing, nourishing, and preparing for pregnancy – can help you change your inner hormonal balance from havoc to harmony.
If you feel stressed, anxious or worried – whether on the global political scale or just right here in your heart – gently and lovingly place your hand over your heart. Place the other hand over your abdomen. Take a deep, complete breath. And another. Tell yourself with love, “I do enough. I am enough. I breathe in peace, I breathe out peace.”
P.S. How to you shift out of stress? Share your thoughts in our private online community here, I’m certain someone else out there needs to hear this today, too.

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