Why The Nervous System Is Your Body’s Highway to Good Health: Chiropractor Alyssa Shepherd Explains

Chiropractic Care is Like a Highway to Good Health

Dr. Alyssa Shepherd is a Chiropractor at Two Rivers Health. In this post, she explains how she came into her profession and why she’s inspired to share chiropractic care with women, kids and families.

How I Found My Way to Optimal Health

If you’ve ever seen a chiropractor, you know that a key area of focus is the spine and its alignment. This puzzled me until the first time I went to a chiropractor in my late 20’s for a ballet-related injury and I began to experience the incredible health-boosting power of a properly aligned spine. After treatments I found that my muscles functioned better, I had less and less pain as my injury resolved, and I just felt really good overall. However, I still didn’t fully understand why it worked.

The Most Important Organ In Your Body

Ask most people the question, “What is the most important organ in your body?” and most will answer the heart. While it is true that the heart is necessary for life, another organ actually trumps the heart in importance: your brain.

Your brain is the master controller of everything that you say, think, feel or do. Without function of the lower part of our brain (the brain stem), we lose the ability to breathe and our heart stops beating. Without the function of the higher parts of our brain (the cerebral cortex), we lose the ability to control our movements, understand speech and to talk, read, and feel sensations.

The Spine: Your Body’s Informational Highway

The spinal cord acts as the major informational highway, carrying information from your brain to your body, and from your body to your brain, allowing you to function and live. The spinal cord is found within the bones of your spine – the vertebrae. There are 33 bones in your spine. And at each different level, there are smaller informational roads called peripheral nerves that connect the spinal cord to the various parts of the body.

How Information Travels Through Your Body

Peripheral nerves in your neck send information to the head, face, neck, shoulders, arms, hands and the heart and lungs. Nerves in your midback send information to this region and chest as well as most organs involved in digestion, and the heart and lungs. In your low back and pelvis, nerves go to the low back, legs, and abdominal and pelvic regions, including your colon, bladder and reproductive organs.

Un-Kink That Garden Hose

To ensure optimal function of your body, you want free communication between brain and body. When a vertebrae becomes  mis-aligned or ‘subluxated’, it decreases the flow of information, much the same as kinking a garden hose decreases the flow of water. Having the subluxations addressed by a chiropractor serves to ‘un-kink the garden hose’, restoring more optimal communication between your brain and your body. This allows your body to decide what it needs to do to move to more optimal health. This is why people receiving chiropractic care often get sick less often or less severely, and why women who see chiropractors often find menstrual-related issues improve, and why people just generally feel better overall!

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Guelph Chiropractor Dr. Alyssa Shepherd, DC, Doula

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