Birth With Ease & Empowerment – New Childbirth Prep Class at Two Rivers Health

Childbirth Preparation Class at Two Rivers Health


If you’re like me, this isn’t something that you gave any real thought to until it became a reality – i.e. until I became pregnant with my son. And then it became something I thought about almost as much as I was studying for exams.

Hollywood would have us believe that childbirth means ruined shoes from the heroic ‘her water just broke’ scene, followed by a screaming woman, in a hospital, who, after delivering a picture perfect baby, goes back to her pre-partum self within seconds. Oh Hollywood, how wrong you have it yet again, and yet how pervasive your myths are!

While some women do have this kind of experience, for others it couldn’t be more inaccurate. There are many different pictures of what birth looks like – from the more crunchy home water birth to the highly medical induction followed by caesarean section. And what’s really tragic is that so many women find themselves on the door of birth without having been properly educated to make empowered choices to help make their ideal dream birth their reality, and we want to encourage you that this is possible!

That’s why Dr. Antoinette and I have created a short (2 hour) interactive workshop – to help you prepare for the kind of birth you want (whatever it may be), and to inspire you with strategies for taking an active role in your childbirth experience.

New Childbirth Preparation Workshop
What You’ll Get:
By the end of this workshop you will be empowered with knowledge and techniques, including:
-How to Turn down tenderness during your pregnancy and increase pelvic power
-How to Create a Soft Place to Land for post-partum recovery
-How to use evidence-based approaches to avoid the “Delivery Dominoes” of medical birth interventions, so you can have the birthing experience you want
Meet Your Instructors
Guelph Chiropractor Dr. Alyssa Shepherd, DC, Doula Dr. Antoinette Falco is the Co-Creator of New Childbirth Prep Class, "Birth with Ease & Empowerment" 
With a passion to help women have the birth experiences they yearn for, Dr. Antoinette  Falco ND, naturopathic doctor and birth doula, and Dr. Alyssa Shepherd DC, chiropractor and birth doula, are passionate about the education and empowerment of women. They are the co-creators of the Birth with Ease and Empowerment workshop, providing women with the support they need to successfully turn their dream birth into your reality.

And the best part… (for a limited time) it’s FREE when you RSVP in advance!


If you’re having a baby and would like more support with preparing for an easier and more empowered birth, email us or call 519-265-6963 to RSVP for this brand new class, Birth With Ease and Empowerment workshop, Saturday, Sept 30th, at 10 a.m. at Two Rivers Health (55 Delhi Street, Guelph)! Spaces limited – RSVP now to reserve your spot. We’ll be looking forward to seeing you then.

P.S. As our special gift to you as we pilot this wonderful new class, this is the ONLY time we’ll be able to offer it for free – please do RSVP now to make sure you get your place!


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