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Restore Heath, Recover From Fatigue, Regain Energy at Two Rivers Health

As a health professional, business owner, & sensitive woman wearing many hats (a.k.a. “crowns” as Cara Alwill Leyba suggests in one of my new fave books, Girl Code), it took some hustling hard times including crushing fatigue and flatlined mood before I realized I had not only permission, but a responsibility, to proactively Restore before doing more. For years, I’d worked my January to the max. New plans, new programs, new routines and plenty of hustle and muscle to make sure I met those resolutions. Plus plenty of anxiety and icky self-blame if I didn’t. Since experiencing burnout not one, but two Januarys in a row, and finally getting a handle on what led up to that frightening and depressing experience of losing … Read More

5 Ways to Love Your Self…Now!, Eleni Kapetanios, NLP Practitioner - Break Through Body Image

In this post, Eleni Kapetanios, NLP Practitioner shares her story of shifting from the crushing suffering of self-hate to the contentment of self-love, and how you can do the same, starting with one of her 5 simple strategies shared right here. I used to hate myself. The way I looked. I used to look in the mirror and panic about not looking good enough, or skinny enough. Even at my leanest, I looked in the mirror, disgusted. I couldn’t stand getting dressed, if clothes were tighter than they had been, I beat myself up. I ate super clean – bringing my own dinner to people’s houses, in Tupperware. If I ate “bad” food, say at a restaurant, I would cry on the … Read More

Raw & Healthy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites

Confession: I love raw cookie dough! I’m gluten-free and wanted to overcome a cookie craving both my hubby and I were having. While I’m a raw cookie dough nibbler, he likes his fully baked. Recently, he discovered a pre-made, frozen gluten free cookie dough in the “healthy” section at the grocery store which was delicious but way too sweet/sugary…and addictive! And although we thoroughly enjoyed it in the moment, we didn’t feel well afterward. (Shocker). Craving Conqueress I wanted to both enjoy a treat AND conquer our cookie craving with a healthy twist. Here’s what came out of it: Raw, No-Bake, Pretty Healthy Chocolate Chip “Cookie Dough” Bites (a.k.a. The Best Energy Balls I’ve Ever Made).  These are super simple, … Read More

Free Download! Get Dr. Liz’s Brain Health e-Book Now For a Limited Time

  Brain health is where it’s at! Are you ready to restore your focused, calm and creative mind? Eager to exchange the grey funk of winter with the glories of good healthy grey matter?  When I was invited to present at Guelph Public Library‘s annual Experts Festival, it didn’t take me long to decide on a topic. I’d been receiving a lot of questions from clients lately along these themes: How to get a happier mood How to overcome PMS How to alleviate anxiety, irritability or depression How to focus and enhance performance in business or work There are effective natural solutions to each of these questions, and they all have one thing in common: The Health of Your Brain. It was exciting to chat … Read More

5 Research-Proven Fertility Tips – Helping Couples Conceive

I was at a conference last week focused on the latest & greatest of integrative fertility care – including medical and naturopathic perspectives. Here in Ontario we’re fortunate to be home to some of the world’s leading fertility doctors, including reproductive endocrinologists, andrologists, naturopathic and integrative physicians. 1. Chart Smart It was really quite cool to hear one of Toronto’s leading fertility specialists encouraging women to go back to those low-tech basics and track their cycles. The body doesn’t lie and since you need to know exactly when in a given cycle you can conceive, good old BBT (Basal Body Temperature) Charting will do the trick. Using a regular oral thermometer from the drugstore, take your temperature first thing in the morning … Read More

Prizes Up for Grabs – Health for the Holidays Program!

We’re so excited to tell you about the prizes some of our friends and colleagues are offering if you’re taking part in Dr. Alaina’s Health for the Holidays Program this year! Participants and friends they refer are eligible to be entered to win! Personal Training Sessions with Alysha Maxwell Alysha Maxwell offers personal training in her beautiful home studio, nestled among the trees of the St.George’s Park neighbourhood. Alysha believes a customized, fun, ever-changing training routine is the optimal path to strength and fitness. To help you get started, Alysha is pleased to offer two 45 minute sessions focused on fundamentals. Stone Store Gift Basket Our next-door-neighbours have some healthy holiday treats in store for you if you’re the lucky winner of … Read More

Why a Raw Diet May NOT Be Good for You

One of the questions I receive most often from folks doing cleanses is: “Why am I still bloated?” This week, my Fresh Cleanse group is heading into Phase 3 of our 21-Day program. If you’re doing a cleanse, and you’re well into it and still dealing with gas, bloating, indigestion or belching, let’s solve this here and now! It’s quite likely that you need to emphasize less raw, cold food and more warm, cooked food. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we recognize that it takes more energy from the body to digest food when it comes in cold and raw. The digestive system is seen like a fire that needs to be fuelled in order to keep breaking down and dispersing all those … Read More