Birth Prep with Christa VanderVelde

“Don’t get an epidural, it’s bad for you AND your baby!”

“Don’t try to be a “hero”, natural childbirth is agony!”

“Are you sure you want a water birth/hospital birth/homebirth?” ….


You get the idea! It comes from all directions. We hear it from great aunties at family Easter celebrations, blogs, youtube videos, facebook ads, (it’s like they know you’re pregnant before you do… hello organic diaper ads).

Sometimes that absolutely information overload can leave you feeling even more confused and wondering if there really ever was a time you were happy sobbing on the bathroom floor holding a pregnancy test!

Birth – broken down

I see you beautiful mamas! I see your fear, your overwhelm and your secret wondering if you are really cut out for this childbirth thing… and guess what? You are! Let me explain…

My name is Christa! Hi! I am the resident birth, sibling, postpartum Doula and Childbirth Educator at Two Rivers Health. If we haven’t had the chance to meet yet, I’d love to hear from you! My job is to inform and empower women of all ages, stages and journeys to believe in the strength of their own body and take control of their birth story. My goal is to eliminate fear and increase confidence through the sharing of evidence based information in a safe and welcoming space. Translation? I created a workshop!

Birth Preparation with Doula Christa is about preparing mind, body and spirit for every type of birth! Whether this is your first or fifth, whether you are planning a cesarean, vbac, homebirth or epidural hospital birth, using a Doula, partner or doing it yourself – there is something for everyone. This interactive 90 minute event is designed to provide birthing women with a beautiful overview of the childbirth process, based on my signature 4 C’s for Success!

The 4 C’s
Care Provider
  • Real, tangible, in the moment communication strategies for dealing with care providers before, during and after labour
  • How to be heard in a sea of overwhelm and information
  • Building your birth team and protecting your space
  • Why environment is everything
  • The science behind environment and quicker, less painful labours
  • How to understand which environment is right for you
  • Practical tips and tricks to create the “labour cave” you need
Coping Techniques
  • What do I need to cope with? (The three stages of labour and what they feel like)
  • Get down to the nitty gritty of how to cope through pain and discomfort
  • The difference between pain and suffering
  • Medicated and non medicated options for your best birth
Comfort Measures
  • Understand the benefits and risks of popular comfort measures, as well as what is offered locally
  • Positioning techniques for comfort and pain reduction
  • Massage and counter pressure techniques
  • Visualizations and affirmations


This Workshop Includes
  • A look through Doula Christa’s birth bag
  • Inspirational stories and philosophies from a birth professional, (why beginnings matter)
  • Take home worksheets
  • Partner support advice and encouragement
This Workshop is For 
  • Any birthing mama or couple that wants to feel informed and empowered on her birth journey.
  • Anyone who wants to be in touch with local resources, know what to expect from her care providers and how to communicate well with them.
  • Any mama who believes she deserves the best birth experience possible.


How to register

Tickets are $15 and there are a limited amount! Register today and get a FREE ticket for a support partner of your choice. Save your spot by emailing and then hit “going” at the top of our facebook event page so your family and friends can get in on the action!

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